jueves, 10 de marzo de 2016

Una semana es más que suficiente

Dear Mr Konshan and Mr Davidson,
 there was a week without any kind of signal of consideration or response from you. So this will be my ultimate message respectfully considering in Spain executive appeals are solved in a week or not solved.

I already do not understand your way of thinking, and if my English is too poor, now I have no intenction to check my words. In this very moment I found a bug in the environment I implemented for showing better my code. But my code is still perfect. I do already not know how many experts were rejected like me, I only can know now all points my code will never be considered. And never is never. That is a good reason to think this relationship could be a waste of time for everyone.

For that reason all I need, and expert of computing too, is 
 if ACM Technology is incompatible with my Technology? [Yes]/No

If all of you think there is no reason to review my code, 
the response is YES.

If all of you think there is no way of init an extra review considering the new situation, 
the response is YES.

If all of you think is a good idea to reveal in a license my code is incompatible with ACM, 
the response is YES.

If all of you think you do not have to response this message, 
the response is YES.

Are you considering my appealing? I have no news respectfully at all.

When we have a code that is specially difficult the procedure must change to show extra reviews: I did not see anyone. Even a conventional review.

1. To say there is no demonstration in my document is a lie.
2. To say Python is not a rigourous language for logic is a lie.
3. To say Python is not a simple language is a lie.
4. To say my English is poor is a weak excuse.
5. To avoid any direct response from author is a weak excuse.
6. To defend Thesis (Theorem) of Cook is a weak excuse.
7. To say there is no referees which ensures what document asserts, is a strong lie in this document.
8. To avoid saying there were schemes to understand better the code, is a strong lie in this document.

So I have the enough number of reasons to think my Technology, which works (and there is no technology working with Thesis of Cook, AND you know it), could be already censured by organization of ACM.

There is no reason to explain how many of times I saw articles full of errors, even using their own theory. So the decission is yours responding or not the main question:

Is ACM Technology incompatible with my Technology? [Yes]/No

Best Regards

Juan Manuel Dato

Mr. Dato,

The appeals process here is thorough, but takes time (average for such an appeal on a single rejection is 4-6 weeks).

We need to review the process followed with the relevant EiCs to determine whether any ACM policies were violated. We will notify you as soon as that review is complete.

Joseph A. Konstan
co-Chair, ACM Publications Board

Joseph A. Konstan

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